Scuba Diving Equipment
Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba Diving Equipment

Under water diving has transformed over the years with early diving depending on breath holding or on air pumped from the surface. Scuba diving is a form of modern under water diving, and involves scuba equipment which makes under water diving easier and safer for the diver. It involves equipment which is necessary and is primarily required for scuba diving. There is also some equipment which a professional diver may require for the underwater work intended to be done and is not necessary for scuba diving.

equipmentScuba diving has become a modern day recreational hobby and a source of entertainment and enjoyment for common man, although a significant number of scuba divers are still trained by the professional divers to perform tasks required under water e.g civil engineers performing tasks such as oil exploration. Scuba diving equipment comprises of different components performing different functions and it is necessary to be familiar with these components of scuba diving equipment and their purposes, in case you decide to go on a scuba diving holiday or trip.

The basic components of scuba diving equipment include an underwater breathing apparatus. A scuba tank, that contains high pressure breathing gas, is carried by the scuba diver under water and should be inspected regularly. A regulator is necessary for breathing. It makes the high pressure breathing gas from the scuba tank breathable for the diver. An alternative air source with its associated regulator is also necessary. To know how much gas is left in the tank there is a piece of equipment known as submersible pressure gauge and is very useful.

Another very important component of scuba diving equipment is the mask. The mask protects the eyes and allows the diver to see clearly by creating a pocket of air, as the mask is well sealed. The nose piece attached to the mask is usually flexible and allows the diver to equalize the pressure in the ears. The mask also has a snorkel which is essential for swimming on the surface.

For stabilization and movement under water a buoyancy compensator, or also referred to as a buoyancy control device ‘BCD’, is necessary. The buoyancy compensator helps the diver maintain neutral buoyancy and makes carrying the scuba tank easier. It comprises of an air bladder which helps adjust the buoyancy of the diver under water when air is added from the tank to the BCD. The fins are also necessary for easy mobility under water. They provide propulsion. The blade of the fins should be stiff to be more efficient in the water. The fins should not be too loose or too tight for the comfort of the diver.

For protection against exposure, like thermal protection, a wet suit is necessary. The temperatures under water are fairly low. Such low temperatures are hazardous for the diver and can cause hypothermia which may contribute to decompression sickness. So a wet suit is necessary for the well being of the diver performing scuba diving.

All the above mentioned equipment is just the basic requirement of scuba diving. There are many more scuba diving equipment components which make scuba diving easier and safer. Each component has its own importance and cannot be left out as unnecessary. So, before going for scuba diving, it is necessary to check you have all the necessary equipment and that it is in good condition. Happy diving!

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