Reef Diving
Reef Diving

Reef Diving

Reef diving basically refers to a type of recreational diving where the divers explore the colorful coral reefs. All around the world, reef diving is one of the most popular types of recreational diving. Reef diving takes you to a whole new world, one you might not have imagined seeing before. Reef diving takes you a whole new dimension where you can be in touch of the wondrous colors that the deep blue sea have stored for very long time. Reefs are sometimes referred to as the forests underneath. They serve as habitats to the abundance of the underwater life forms that some have only seen in pictures. Exploring the reefs always gives you the interest to explore deeper. Some surprises you might not have expected might pop up along the way like seeing sea turtles that have been alive for years more than the years you have lived, various rays, sharks, magnificent and colorful schools of fishes, sponges, crustaceans, and etc. Our world is seventy percent water, and only a small percentage of these waters have been discovered, reached and explored by divers, dip your toes in the blue waters and see the masterpiece that lays underneath the blues.

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Reefs are referred to as rocks, sandbars or other features lying beneath the surface of the water. Many of the reefs are results of abiotic processes such as wave erosion and natural biotic processes which usually produce the best reefs in tropical waters. There are also artificial reefs, reefs which are formed in shipwrecks and the other wrecks alike. These artificial reefs also serve as habitats to some underwater life forms. The reefs in tropical countries are usually the colorful coral reefs. These colors and the life forms that house in these reefs are those that invite divers to dive in and swim with the beauty and the life that they radiate.

Diving on a reef

Around the world, there are a lot of reefs that divers could explore. But among these reefs are three largest reef systems in the world which are the: Great Barrier Reef, Belize Reef and Florida Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is considered as the largest reef system in the world. It is also one of the most infamous diving locations there are. It is located off the north east coast of Australia. A vast area of the barrier reef is protected from human impact by the marine park. The reef stretches to a total of two thousand 600 kilometers and is comprised with thousand of life forms which makes it a diver’s ultimate dive haven. The Belize Reef is located in the Caribbean. It stretches to a total of one hundred kilometers. There are numerous dive sites there one of which is very famous. This famous dive site is known as the Great Blue Hole. The Belize Reef is also home to the world’s most beautiful fishes such as the barracuda, marlin, bonito, and etc. The Florida Reef, as the name states, is located in the state of Florida in the United States of America. It stretches from the east of Florida to its west. Situated there is the diving capital of the United States of America and is one of the most dived areas in the US. It is also a home of wrecks which gives a whole new experience to a diver.

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