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Diving in Spain

Diving in Spain can be as great as any scuba experience around the world. All scuba divers whether they are beginners or newly certified divers or even professional experienced divers all get an excellent chance at taking in the scuba experience of a lifetime. There are many diving sites and spots in Spain. With the help of a local guide and someone with scuba diving experience, you can definitely be taken around to the best diving locations across the beaches and shores of Spain.

The beauty of diving in Spain is that two different seas and an ocean surround the country. These include the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea. These different waters have different temperatures relatively. This not only leads to a mixed population of aquatic creatures, but also attracts scuba divers to catch a peek. Under these waters, there are plenty of wreck attractions. Not only that, deep sea caves and isolated species of marine life can be explored and observed. Some of the areas around the country have clear waters, so divers love to take frequent trips because of the said advantage. It is quite easy for everybody to have a good experience because of the good facilitation of diving courses and training, so nobody goes home without diving memories.

diving-spainDiving in Spain can come with a whole lot of privileges. First of all, on spot scuba training can be a huge advantage. There are many PADI recognized organizations where you can get some training before you hit the waters to go under. These organizations have a great repute with scuba divers from all over, who like coming back for diving in Spain. The other huge advantage is the great accommodation provided by different resorts on the beaches of Spain. The experience comes as a whole complete package.

Let us talk about some particular scuba diving sites of Spain. As there are many favorites, we’ll talk about a few. San Andres is a great diving spot, where you can dive from a plateau across El Boquete. On the southern side of Spain, where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean join, there is a place at Tarifa known as Isla de las Palomas, basically a natural park location. Here the diving is superb with the versatility of marine life and great water temperature. Scuba divers love going there all year round.

There are some extremely interesting places which make diving in Spain a dream come true. If we talk about San Pedro, there are ship wrecks as the main attraction under water. Besides that, there is a wide array of marine life to explore. Diving in Spain is never complete without visiting Marbella and Estepona because the waters here are warm throughout the year, beautiful sunshine and great scuba diving facilities and centers for all sorts of scuba divers. The southern coastline of Spain, Costa del Sol is overall very popular for scuba divers and diving experiences through winters and summers. On the Granada coastline, there are around 30 diving sites with a very abundant marine environment. Diving at these sites in Spain, gives rise to remarkable memories.